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All-In-One Hotel & Restaurant Management System

Smart, secure and affordable hotel management system built by local hoteliers to suit the local needs hospitality business in Kenya & East Africa. Elevate your hotel’s efficiency and guest experiences with the best hotel management system in Kenya today.

Unbeatable Smart Hotel Management Features

Best hotel management software in Kenya

Developed by hoteliers, JiPOS has earned a strong reputation in the hospitality industry for its smart features and exceptional reliability. It has been designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of hotels, making it a trusted choice and best hotel management software for hospitality businesses in Kenya & East Africa.

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The Unrivaled Hotel Management System in Kenya & East Africa.

With our comprehensive suite of smart features and dedicated support, we empower hotels across the region to excel in every aspect of their operations. Join the ranks of industry leaders who trust JiPOS to drive success in East Africa’s dynamic hospitality landscape.

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We travel across Kenya to ENABLE hotels and restaurants write their powerful success stories through JiPOS.

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A comprehensive hotel management system: Access even on Mobile.

Best hotel booking software

JiPOS is a premier choice for hotel booking software in Kenya, providing a seamless and integrated platform for managing reservations and guest information. JiPOS excels in hotel booking: Online Reservations Integration, Centralized Booking Management, and prompt Customer Notifications.

Accurate Hotel Accounting

Accurate financial management is crucial for the success of any hotel. JiPOS ensures precision and efficiency in hotel accounting through Automated Billing and Invoicing, Expense Tracking, and Comprehensive Financial Reporting

Detailed Inventory Tracking

Effective inventory management is essential for operational efficiency and cost control in hotels. JiPOS provides robust tools for detailed inventory tracking i.e Real-Time Inventory Management, Automated Reordering, and Inventory Usage Tracking.

Best Hotel Management System in Kenya


With a set of custom features perfectly aligned to fit the unique hospitality requirements for local Kenyan and East African market, JiPOS, the best hotel system in Kenya has earned a solid and lasting trust & partnership with hotels located along the stunning Kenyan coastline.

A fast and secure ONLINE hotel booking SYSTEM.

Experience seamless hotel bookings management with our lightning-fast and highly secure hotel reservation system. Do so much with Kenya’s best hotel management system.

The accommodation booking software’s plug and play widgets convert more of your website visitors into bookers.

The hotel booking software helps you configure and run as many packages, deals and promotions you want at your property.

This hotel room booking software can be integrated with over 20+ leading payment gateways to let you accept payments from different modes.

Whichever room types or configurations your hotel has, JiPOS is scalable and will fit right into your own ways of doing business and name configurations.

From accommodation charges to meals and extra charges, your entire client billing process is simple and integrated into one billing invoice.

INTEGRATED easy-to-use restaurant POS system

JiPOS comes with a simple and easy-to-use restaurant and bar POS module. Streamline order management, sales, and enhance overall hotel efficiency with Kenya’s best hotel management Kenya

Handle all types of orders efficiently as well as create and manage multiple menus of your eatery hassle-free.

Monitor real-time inventory and stock usage to reduce wastage at your property right from the restaurant POS software.

To go beyond in retaining your customers, easily customize every item with own happy hour price and enable auto-scheduling of all your hotel happy hours. It works like a magic.

Run your entire chain of restaurants remotely without any difficulty using our cloud restaurant software.

No more limited reports. You can design reports as you want with a custom report generator and analyze your business performance.

Effortless Staff Information Management.

Empower your business with JiPOS’ smart HR module and unlock the ease of managing your workforce effortlessly. From payroll to performance tracking, JiPOS redefines staff management, making your tasks efficient and your operations smoother than ever.

Empower your organization with the power of automation for every step of the employee journey. With JiPOS’s comprehensive human resource management module, you can seamlessly handle a range of processes, including Awards, Transfers, Resignations, Travels, Promotions, Complaints, Warnings, Terminations, and announcements.

Say hello to enhanced efficiency, accurate record-keeping, and a more engaged workforce, while eliminating the complexities of manual HR tasks. Elevate your HR practices with JiPOS and experience HR management reimagined.

Elevate Your Workforce Efficiency with JiPOS Leave Management: Simplify and Enhance Employee Leave Handling. Experience seamless leave management with JiPOS’s intuitive module. From leave requests to approvals, tracking, and reporting, JiPOS streamlines the entire process.

Empower your employees while ensuring accurate records and policy compliance. With JiPOS, efficient leave management is just a click away, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your business.

Effortless Employee Attendance Management. Say goodbye to manual attendance tracking and welcome JiPOS Timesheet – your key to accurate and automated employee attendance management. Seamlessly record hours worked, breaks, and overtime. Gain insights, streamline payroll, and ensure compliance.

With JiPOS Timesheet, simplify attendance management and empower your workforce to focus on productivity and growth.

Streamlined, Accurate, Effortless. Discover a new level of payroll efficiency with JiPOS. Say farewell to complex calculations and time-consuming processes. JiPOS automates payroll, ensuring accuracy and compliance while saving you valuable time. From earnings and deductions to tax calculations and payslip generation, JiPOS streamlines every step. Experience hassle-free payroll management and empower your team to thrive.

Best Hotel Management System in Kenya

Best Hotel ERP for East Africa

Jipos emerges as the best hotel management system in Kenya and unrivaled Hotel ERP for East Africa due to its smart features that addresses the specific requirements of the region’s hospitality industry. It empowers hotels to provide exceptional guest experiences while optimizing operations, making it a number one Hotel ERP software for hoteliers in East Africa.

Most Affordable Pricing

Our commitment to affordability ensures that you get the best value for your investment. It's the most affordable Hotel ERP.

100% Onboarding Assistance

From data migration to system setup, our team is here to make your transition seamless and stress-free.

Dedicated account manager

Our support team will work closely with you to understand your unique needs to ensure your success with JiPOS.

Unlimited system training

Whether you have new team members or want to enhance your existing skills, we've got you covered.

Dedicated customer support

Our team is committed to addressing your inquiries and ensuring your experience with our software is outstanding.

Serving Kenya's Leading Hotels & Restaurants

JiPOS empowers both small and premier establishments to optimize operations and elevate guest experiences. As the preferred hospitality management erp solution, we take pride in serving Kenya’s leaders in the industry.

What our customers say.

I've been using JiPOS for my BnB & restaurant in Homa Bay for the past year, and I couldn't be happier. It's incredibly user-friendly, and my staff picked it up right away. The real-time reporting and inventory management features have made a significant difference in our operations.
Abel, CEO
Hotel 489

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