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JiPOS is a smart, secure, and cost-effective hotel management system crafted by local hoteliers, designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of the hospitality industry in Kenya and East Africa.

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POS software built to increase revenue.

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Enables you to keep an eye on your hotel & restaurant from anywhere.

Single Store

When your single restaurant needs a true partner.

JiPOS is a powerful solution for single store owners looking for an all-inclusive POS. Comes with smart features to put all restaurant administrative controls at the palm of your hands, anywhere you go.

Multiple Stores

JiPOS is built for your chain of restaurants.

JiPOS is a restaurant POS system built for a single restaurants and a chain of restaurants. Weather a small or bigger restaurant, we have built the software looking at your future growth. 

Powerful & Integrated features

Loads Of Smart Features

JiPOS comes with a wide range of smart features designed to suit local Kenyan & East African hospitality industry. From inventory tracking to automated reordering, JiPOS offers a wealth of intelligent tools to streamline hotel operations, boost efficiency, and elevate your guest experience.


Streamline your items purchases with JiPOS’ robust purchase module.

Register new items into the system individually or through bulk uploads. JiPOS simplifies the process of adding items to your inventory, saving time and reducing data entry errors.

The system maintains a comprehensive history of all purchases made, making it easy to track past transactions, review invoices, and analyze purchasing trends over time.

JiPOS keeps track of supplier balances, helping you monitor outstanding payments and ensuring timely settlements. This feature provides visibility into your financial obligations.

Generate supplier statements that summarize all transactions with a specific supplier over a defined period. This feature aids in supplier relationship management and financial planning.

Create and manage Local Purchase Orders within JiPOS. LPOs help formalize purchase agreements and can be used as references during procurement processes.

Easily process purchase returns and manage the associated documentation. JiPOS helps you track and record returned items, ensuring accurate accounting.

Maintain a detailed database of suppliers, including contact information, payment terms, and transaction history. Efficient supplier management enhances communication and negotiation.

Streamline stock requisition processes by allowing employees to request items externally through JiPOS. Appropriate approval workflows can be configured, ensuring accountability and control.


Streamline your inventory management processes with JiPOS’ robust inventory management module.

Register new inventory items individually or in bulk, providing essential details such as item name, description, category, and pricing.

Generate serial numbers and barcodes for items, making it easy to track and identify products accurately. This feature is especially useful for managing high-value or serialized items.

Facilitate internal stock requisitions among different departments or locations within your organization. Ensure efficient stock distribution and reduce unnecessary purchases.

JiPOS provides real-time visibility into stock levels, allowing you to monitor inventory on hand, anticipate shortages, and optimize reordering decisions.

Conduct physical stock takes and reconcile the results with the system's inventory data. JiPOS helps identify discrepancies and ensures accurate inventory records.

Track the movement of inventory between different store locations, enabling you to manage stock transfers, maintain optimal stock levels, and fulfill customer demands efficiently.

If your business involves assembling items from components, JiPOS can manage recipes. This feature helps ensure accurate assembly, cost calculation, and inventory management.

Record and track inventory wastages, helping you identify areas for process improvement and cost reduction. JiPOS supports waste management and analysis.

Set up reorder thresholds for items, and JiPOS will automatically notify you when stock levels fall below these thresholds. This proactive feature prevents stockouts and overstocking.

JiPOS offers insights into your best-selling items, helping you focus on high-demand products and optimize your inventory and sales strategies for better profitability.


JiPOS comes with a tight sales module that will save your business from income pilferages.

Generate a comprehensive sales report that includes data on individual transactions, such as the date, time, items sold, quantities, prices, and total revenue. This report allows you to analyze sales trends over specific time periods, identify peak sales hours, and assess the performance of different products or services.

The POS module offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for conducting sales transactions. It allows staff to quickly select items from the menu, adjust quantities, apply discounts, accept various payment methods, and print receipts. This simplicity enhances cashier efficiency and reduces training time.

Access a variety of detailed sales reports tailored to your business needs. These reports can include daily, weekly, or monthly summaries, providing insights into sales volume, revenue, and itemized sales breakdowns. Analyzing this data helps in making informed business decisions.

Generate a VAT-specific sales report that calculates and displays sales with Value Added Tax. This report aids in tax compliance and provides a clear breakdown of taxable and non-taxable sales, ensuring accurate financial records for tax reporting.

Easily manage open or pending sales orders. This feature allows staff to save unfinished transactions for later completion and provides a streamlined process for clearing these orders once they're finalized by recording the payment and updating inventory.

Create professional quotations for potential customers. Specify product or service details, prices, terms, and validity periods. Quotations serve as formal offers and can be converted into invoices upon acceptance.

Implement rigorous sales controls to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent transactions. These controls may include user-specific access permissions, approval workflows for high-value sales, and transaction logs for auditing purposes.

Automatically generate detailed invoices for completed sales transactions. Invoices include essential information such as item descriptions, unit prices, quantities, total costs, taxes, and payment instructions. They contribute to accurate record-keeping and facilitate customer billing.

Create delivery notes for orders that require shipment or delivery. These notes include a list of items or products to be delivered, quantities, and customer details. They are essential for ensuring the accurate fulfillment of orders and can be included with shipments.

Keep track of voided sales transactions, which occur when a sale is canceled or reversed. This report records the reason for voiding, the staff member responsible, and the associated transaction details. It enhances transparency and internal controls.

Monitor and analyze sales made through promotional or complementary offerings. This report provides insights into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, helping businesses refine their strategies to maximize return on investment.

Seamlessly integrate Mpesa, a popular mobile payment system in Kenya, into your POS. This enables customers to make payments using their mobile phones, enhancing convenience and expanding your payment options.

Efficiently process and record sales returns or exchanges. This feature ensures accurate adjustments to inventory levels and financial records when customers return items or request exchanges, maintaining data integrity.

Apply various types of discounts to sales transactions, including percentage-based or fixed amount discounts. Customize discount rules based on customer loyalty, promotional campaigns, or seasonal offers to encourage sales while maintaining profitability.

Room Booking Management:

JiPOS comes with a simple yet integrated room feature to enable your room management team work with efficiency.

Simplify the process of registering guests and configuring different room types with associated pricing and amenities. Ensure accuracy in room assignment based on guest preferences and availability.

Maintain a comprehensive database of guest information, including personal details, contact information, preferences, and previous stay history. This information assists in providing personalized services, tracking guest loyalty, and improving the overall guest experience.

Monitor the real-time status of room bookings. Identify whether rooms are occupied, reserved, or available at a glance, allowing efficient allocation and management of room inventory.

Easily add and bill for additional charges or services associated with room bookings. This includes charges for in-room dining, minibar consumption, spa services, and more. Accurate billing enhances revenue and guest satisfaction.

Seamlessly integrate the room booking module with the Point of Sale system. This integration allows guests to charge services, meals, and other expenses to their room, simplifying the payment process and enhancing the guest experience.

Integrate the room booking module with your website, enabling guests to make direct reservations online. This user-friendly feature provides a convenient booking experience for potential guests, resulting in increased direct bookings and reduced reliance on third-party booking platforms.

Effectively manage room availability and reservations across multiple online booking channels. Prevent overbooking or double bookings by synchronizing room availability and rates in real time, ensuring an accurate representation of your property's availability on various online travel agencies and platforms.

Streamline the guest check-in and check-out processes. Provide a hassle-free experience for guests upon arrival and departure, minimizing waiting times and ensuring a positive first and last impression.

Access a visual booking calendar that displays room availability and reservations. This calendar simplifies the management of bookings by providing an intuitive interface for tracking occupancy and facilitating efficient room allocation.

Monitor the maintenance status of rooms to ensure they are in optimal condition for guest occupancy. This feature helps schedule and track routine maintenance tasks, ensuring guest comfort and safety.


Take advantage of JiPOS complete accounting module to align your financial tracking and reports.

This feature provides a wide range of accounting reports that cover various aspects of your financial transactions. These reports include income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and more. They offer a comprehensive view of your financial health and help you make informed decisions.

Petty cash management involves creating a fund for small, day-to-day expenses that don't require formal procurement processes. JiPOS helps you generate and manage petty cash, ensuring that small expenses are properly documented and controlled.

With budgeting capabilities, you can set spending limits for different expense categories and payments. JiPOS helps you monitor your actual expenses against these budgets, making it easier to stay within financial constraints.

Customize your income account types to categorize revenue streams in a way that aligns with your business needs. This feature helps you track and analyze your sources of income more effectively.

The chart of accounts is a fundamental part of accounting, and JiPOS allows you to create and manage it. You can define specific accounts for different financial transactions, ensuring accurate and organized record-keeping.

Journal entries are used to record individual financial transactions in detail. JiPOS facilitates the recording of these entries, ensuring that every transaction is documented accurately.

This feature provides real-time visibility into the balances of your various accounts. It allows you to monitor your financial position and make timely decisions based on your account balances.

Cash flow reporting is crucial for understanding the movement of money in and out of your business. JiPOS helps you monitor your cash flow, ensuring that you have the necessary funds to cover expenses and investments.

The balance sheet provides a snapshot of your business's financial condition, showing assets, liabilities, and equity at a specific point in time. JiPOS allows you to generate and review balance sheets to assess your financial health.

The profit and loss statement (P&L) shows your business's revenue, costs, and expenses over a specific period. JiPOS generates P&L statements, helping you evaluate your profitability and identify areas where you can improve.

The general ledger is the core of your accounting system. JiPOS maintains a detailed general ledger that records all financial transactions, ensuring accuracy and compliance with accounting standards.

The general ledger is the core of your accounting system. JiPOS maintains a detailed general ledger that records all financial transactions, ensuring accuracy and compliance with accounting standards.


You will appreciate the quick and handy reports that JiPOS comes with to help you make right business decisions.

The close day report summarizes daily operations, including sales, expenses, and other relevant data. It's a crucial tool for reconciling your daily financial activities.

This report helps you track room sales, occupancy rates, and revenue generated from room bookings. It allows you to assess the performance of your accommodations and make informed decisions.

The items sales report provides a detailed analysis of sales data for individual menu or product items. You can identify which items are the most popular and adjust your menu or offerings accordingly.

This report offers insights into your procurement activities by providing detailed information on item purchases, supplier transactions, and associated costs. It helps you manage your inventory efficiently.

Staff sales summaries allow you to monitor the performance of your employees by reviewing their sales data and contributions to your business's revenue.

The general expenses report provides a detailed breakdown of your various expenses, helping you manage costs more effectively and optimize your operations.

This report provides an overview of your overall sales performance, including revenue, discounts, and taxes collected. It's a valuable tool for assessing your sales trends.

These reports offer information on your suppliers, their transactions, and customer data. They help you maintain transparent and productive relationships with your business partners.

Account statements provide a detailed summary of financial transactions within specific accounts. They are useful for maintaining transparency and facilitating communication with customers and suppliers.

Customer statements are shared with your customers and provide a record of their transactions. They enhance transparency and help build trust with your clientele.

Supplier statements serve a similar purpose but are intended for your suppliers. They provide a clear overview of transactions and balances, fostering healthy supplier relationships.

This feature allows you to monitor and manage outstanding balances with your suppliers, ensuring timely payments and maintaining positive supplier relations.

More Features

We keep advancing JiPOS with latest smart features to make it a super system for any type of hotel operation needs.

Unlock the potential of the best restaurant management system in Kenya with Discounts Awarding. Seamlessly apply discounts to items, orders, or customers, including percentage-based or fixed amount discounts, to drive promotions and manage pricing strategies effectively.

Elevate your restaurant's profitability with Happy Hour Management, a standout feature of the top restaurant POS system in Kenya. Schedule and automate happy hour promotions during specific time periods, enticing customers with discounted prices and special offers during off-peak hours.

JiPOS, the leading restaurant management system in Kenya, simplifies inventory management with Item Unit Conversion Management. Handle various unit measurements for items, such as weight, volume, or quantity, and convert between units effortlessly for versatile sales and inventory control.

Foster customer loyalty with Loyalty Programs, a key feature of the best restaurant POS system in Kenya. Create and manage customer loyalty programs, rewarding repeat customers with points, discounts, and exclusive perks to enhance brand loyalty and retention.

Ensure smooth operations with Shift Management, a crucial component of JiPOS, the premier restaurant management system in Kenya. Efficiently track and manage staff shifts, schedules, and work hours, ensuring proper staffing and compliance with labor regulations.

Seamlessly integrate with external systems and services using Third-Party Integrations, enhancing JiPOS's functionality. Connect with payment gateways, online ordering platforms, channel manager platforms, and more to facilitate data flow and system synergy.

Protect your vital business data with Auto System Backup, an essential feature of the top restaurant POS system in Kenya. Automatically create backups of your JiPOS data at scheduled intervals, ensuring data safety and recoverability in case of system failures or data loss.

Roles and Permissions Management provides control over user access and actions within JiPOS. You can assign specific roles to employees (e.g., cashier, manager, administrator) and define what actions they can perform in the system. This feature enhances security and ensures that employees have appropriate access levels.

Audit Trails keep a detailed log of all system activities and user interactions within JiPOS. This log records changes, transactions, and actions taken by users. Audit trails are valuable for tracking user behavior, identifying errors, and maintaining accountability.

Efficiently manage table assignments, reservations, and dining layouts for restaurants. Track table status, occupancy, and guest turnover.


Access Anywhere, Anytime:

Stellar service is always included

JiPOS is designed with a cloud-based architecture, ensuring that it can be accessed virtually from anywhere and at any time, provided there is an internet connection. This feature offers several benefits:

  1. 24/7 Availability: JiPOS is available 24/7, ensuring that users can access critical purchasing and inventory management tools whenever they need them, whether during business hours or outside regular working times. 

  2. Multi-Device Compatibility: JiPOS is compatible with a range of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Users can choose the device that suits their needs, making it highly adaptable to different work environments.

  3. Data Security: Despite its accessibility, JiPOS maintains robust security measures to protect sensitive purchasing and inventory data. User authentication, encryption, and secure data storage ensure that your information remains safe.

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