Best Restaurant Management System in Kenya

JiPOS is the best restaurant management system in Kenya. It guarantees features and capabilities designed to streamline restaurant operations, such as order management, inventory tracking, table management, and comes integrated with a smart point-of-sale (POS) module and web integration capabilities for streamlined sales process and online ordering and reservations.

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POS software built to increase revenue.

Elevate your restaurant experience, streamline operations, and boost profits effortlessly with JiPOS.


Built for restaurant growth, JiPOS is a powerful, all-in-one, cloud based Point-of-Sale solution for your customer orders management, invoices and sales tracking, transparent inventory monitoring, customers & suppliers information management, your purchases history, online orders integration, robust reports and analytics, and other smart features – all in one place. 

Best Restaurant POS System in Kenya

JiPOS is the best restaurant POS System in Kenya. Focusing on providing a great customer experience with our digital solutions, JiPOS Restaurant POS Software is designed to help you manage your restaurant sales, inventory tracking, recipe management, kitchen order taking, accounting & financial tracking, restaurant table management, staff sales management, customer management and retention, all in the form of a complete business solutions.

Smart POS for all restaurants

Built For Any Type Of Restaurant.

JiPOS restaurant POS  system is built for any type of restaurant. As a smart, affordable, reliable and easy to use Restaurant and Bar POS Software in Kenya, it helps restaurants deliver excellent services through millions of transactions every year. Being the best Restaurant Management System in Kenya, JiPOS is a suitable restaurant POS system for any type of restaurant and bar setup in Kenya and East Africa.

Bar Point of Sale

Liquor Stores, Butcheries, Chill & Grill, Choma joints

Restaurant Point of Sale

Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, Taverns, Clubs, Hotels

Fast Food Point of Sale

Deli's, Cafe's, Canteens, Home Kitchens, Bakeries, Take Aways

Mobile Point of Sale

Mobile Bars, Online Kitchens, Expo’s, Food Trucks, Food Markets

Insightful reports & analysis


What makes JiPOS the best restaurant POS system in Kenya is its set of useful reports and insights. JiPOS Restaurant Point of Sale System puts real-time information and sales reports at the fingertips. With our intuitive software, restaurant owners can access real-time data and generate comprehensive reports at their fingertips, providing valuable insights into their business performance and enabling data-driven decision-making. Some of the useful reports include:

  • Sales Summary Report,
  • Inventory Usage Report,
  • Employee Performance Report,
  • Table Turnover Report,
  • Table Turnover Report,
  • Room booking reports,
  • Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement,
  • Supplier Performance Report,
  • Food Cost Analysis Report
Serving Kenya and East Africa.
Best restaurant POS System in Kenya & East Africa.

Why Choose JiPOS!

Best Restaurant POS System in Kenya.

We collaborated closely with industry professionals and our existing customers to develop a reliable and exceptionally robust hotel ERP with a restaurant point of sale system, with a strong emphasis on the below key areas.

We are the decisive factor behind your restaurant's success.

JiPOS system users save an average of 30 hours per month on product management, customer management and general operations making it the best restaurant management system in Kenya.

JiPOS stands out as the best restaurant management system in Kenya, offering a comprehensive Hotel ERP solution that spans all aspects, from reservations to inventory management.

Experience the power of a restaurant POS system in Kenya that's not just comprehensive but also loaded with intelligent features, elevating efficiency and aiding in data-driven decision-making.

Simplify complex restaurant operations with JiPOS, thanks to its user-friendly interface carefully designed to make your tasks easier.

Whether you run a boutique eatery or a large-scale restaurant, JiPOS is perfectly suited for establishments of all sizes, setting the standard as the best restaurant POS system in Kenya.

JiPOS is more than just a restaurant POS software; it's a commitment to your success. We offer dedicated customer support to ensure your restaurant thrives with our system.

Stay at the forefront of hotel technology in Kenya and the East African region. JiPOS continually advances with regular updates and feature enhancements, solidifying its position as the best hotel ERP system in Kenya and beyond.

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Best Restaurant POS System in Kenya
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